Death wish coffee company

A review

Review of the Death wish coffee company

Did you hear about the Death wish coffee company yet? They are a relatively new company that has been founded in 2012, nonetheless they managed to build up a name already and have a 34 man strong team by now. Quite impressive for a four year old company. With quotes like “We will refund you in full if it’s not the strongest coffee you’ve ever had.” it should be easy to believe they at least have the strongest coffee in terms of caffeine. They are confident, but is the company as good as they are confident?

They company deserves a plus already for their promotional efforts. Foremost, the managed to send Death Wish coffee into space. Besides which they supported the special Olympics with their products, sponsored NASCAR drives and were able to promote their product at the super bowl. Unsurprising is that they besides coffee also sell a large amount of merchandise, from coffee mugs to t-shirts. And the limited editions of certain merchandise fit right in the picture with their promotional efforts. But lets shift our view to the actual product. Are they promoting a sustainable product of launching another big cooperation into the world?

In terms of sustainability, the company is halfway down the road. Whereas they do not say anything about how they make their merchandise except that sustainability is important, at least key-product of their company is made sustainable. The coffee beans are USDA Organic certified and also labeled with the Fair Trade USA. What does this say? Their most important claim is that there is no child labor involved and no use of chemical nitrogen. The USDA organic certification counts for more though, so are pesticides and other chemical additives also prohibited. As those have a large influence on the surrounding environment this label is indeed another major plus of the company!

Their website is slightly unorganized and even has random blogs showing up, making people doubt whether they are on the right website. So are the first two blogs about the castle of sleeping beauty and a rare pink grasshopper, not exactly coffee related. Their map about where to find death wish coffee shops in contrast is easy to use and enables everyone to find the nearest shop quickly. Too bad the death wish company cannot be found outside the United stated of America yet!

The world strongest cup of coffee contains a mere 472 mg caffeine in a single cup (8 oz/237 ml). In comparison: a normal cup of coffee contains only 142-227 mg caffeine and a cup of coke contains 34 mg caffeine. The coffee caffeine content makes the drink probably too bitter as there are chocolate and cherry additives in the coffee as well. Nonetheless, as they claim, their coffee is more than 2,5 times as strong as a regular coffee at Starbucks and contains many times more caffeine than the coffees served at other brands. Are you interested in Death wish coffee products? We reviewed all products and found the cheapest deals, moreover we listed the best ways to buy coffee products of the Death Wish company if you are outside the USA. Here is a full list of Death wish products:

Coffee products:

  • Pumpkin coffee (12 ounces)
  • Death wish coffee (1, 5 ounces)
  • Death cups (10, 20 or 50 cups)
  • Death wish coffee cold brew (Unsweetened and sweetened)

  • Clothing (Boxers, t-shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, socks, caps)
  • Zippos
  • Pool floats
  • Mugs and cups
  • Flags
  • Towels
  • Coffee containers
  • Kettles
  • Mug hooks
  • Filters
  • Gift cards

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